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national car wash day

This day was founded by The Car Wash Guru Bentley Brandon

National Car Wash Day

What great pleasure to announce a day design with all of us in mind. Attention automobile maker, car wash operators, chemical providers, employees, vehicle owners and even potential sponsors.

We all deserves a day to remember and celebrate, most of us commonly celebrate our birthday, anniversary and important holidays that hold value in our hearts.

Mark your calendar for your own car as this day is set aside across the country. Bentley Brandon has accomplished this great feat and Governors across the country has proclaimed National Car Wash Day on behalf of the entire car wash industry that July 14 will be recognize as National Car Wash Day.

This day has been set-aside just for us, imagine this day could be one of our biggest and busy day of the year like Car Wash Super Bowl.  There are several companies, owner operators, that don’t have a clue about this day. Also this day will annually be recognized publicly through national media and general the public.

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